School Photos June 1st!

Here are a few new photos from Pastor Raymond, showing us some kiddos & happenings around the school in the village of Katumba. This is one of the villages supported by Big Love Uganda. Thanks for your support!

Ministry & Care Photos - May 1st

Here’s the latest batch of photos that give us a peek into the ongoing ministry and care happenings in Uganda. Thanks for your support of all these beautiful endeavors. Visit the donate page to make a tax-deductible donation.

Human Care & Ministry Photos - April 22nd

Here’s a new batch of photos as Pastor Raymond continues his ministry of care and prayer throughout Mid-Western Uganda.

The young man you see with the pig, and in the photo by himself, is Vicar Coline, a young Pastor in training. Please keep him, Pastor Raymond, and all the folks in these photos in your frequent prayers. Thx!

New Connections

Pastor Raymond has started working with a new group of refugees, as they’re interested in forming a local church. Here are some pics of his latest visit with them. Thanks for your support and prayers!

Playground Fun!

Here are some kiddos enjoying recess games in the Katumba school courtyard.

New Bricks!

Here are some new bricks that are being shaped and dried. They will be used for new construction, including school & church needs.

Ministry Galore!

Pastor Raymond now oversees 16 growing Christian congregations in the mid-western region of Uganda. Here are a few new photos of Pastor Raymond in various ministry contexts.

Full Bellies!

Below are some of the most recent photos that Pastor Raymond sent our way.

These photos are a great reminder that the presence of the new elementary school in the village of Katumba not only blesses the kiddos with an education, it also provides them with daily meals (that might otherwise be iffy in their lives.)

Thanks for supporting these kiddos in beautiful ways!

Visit the “Donate” link on this website to make a donation and share the tangible love of the Lord with these precious children!

Feb 19th photos at the Katumba Primary School

Check out these new photos that Pastor Raymond sent us today from the Katumba Village Primary School.

These precious kiddos sure could use any support you’re able to send their way.

Visit the “Donate” page on this website to support them in caring ways!

Feb 8th Pics of Kids in Class & Water Well!

Pastor Raymond sent us these new 6 photos today, some great pics of children attending the new school in the village of Katumba (and making use of the clean water well!)

Always Love!

Here’s a great photo Pastor Raymond recently sent us of a bunch of students gathered in the yard of the new Katumba school.

Game time at school!

Pastor Raymond sent us this great photo today of some kids playing during recess at the Katumba village school. Greatness!

Katumba School Dedication!

Here are some photos from the day the new school was officially dedicated in the village of Katumba. A great day indeed! (January 2017)

New Graduates!

Here’s a photo of some of the latest graduates from the early childhood class at the Katumba school!


Beautiful Ladies!

This was a glorious trip, where the ladies of Uganda and the ladies of America got to spend a few days together.

Many life-long friendships were formed, and much joy was experienced by all!

New School In Katumba!

Here are some photos of the new elementary school in the village of Katumba, Uganda. Over 150 students are registered there now. Greatness!

You can also see the clean water well on the campus. All were made possible by wonderfully generous donors.