New Photos of School Kids & Building - July 1st

Here are some great new photos of the learning “artwork” that was recently painted on the school buildings, plus some photos of kids in the classrooms & in the school garden.

Thanks for your support of Big Love Uganda. You’re helping to transform & uplift the lives of many children in the village of Katumba & beyond!

Ministry & School Photos - June 11th

Here are some great new photos of the school kids in Katumba, and Pastor Raymond carrying out various ministry & mission tasks. Thanks for your support of Big Love Uganda!

School Photos June 1st!

Here are a few new photos from Pastor Raymond, showing us some kiddos & happenings around the school in the village of Katumba. This is one of the villages supported by Big Love Uganda. Thanks for your support!

Ministry & Care Photos - May 1st

Here’s the latest batch of photos that give us a peek into the ongoing ministry and care happenings in Uganda. Thanks for your support of all these beautiful endeavors. Visit the donate page to make a tax-deductible donation.

Human Care & Ministry Photos - April 22nd

Here’s a new batch of photos as Pastor Raymond continues his ministry of care and prayer throughout Mid-Western Uganda.

The young man you see with the pig, and in the photo by himself, is Vicar Coline, a young Pastor in training. Please keep him, Pastor Raymond, and all the folks in these photos in your frequent prayers. Thx!